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A wonderful evening at Worthgate.

Our circus tour continued with a cracking night of murderous mayhem at the Worthgate Scout Hall, Heaton Road, Wincheap Canterbury last night as we raised funds for the Worthgate Scout Group.

Our circus folk wow-d the crowds with their grand entrance through the luxurious new stage curtains and gasped as our dozy clown Bozo almost used them to wiped her pie-ridden face. Luckily the Great Fortuna saw the disaster coming and was ready with a well-placed towel, much to the relief of the scout leaders!

Bozo gets to grips with tea drinking with a clown nose.

Bozo gets to grips with tea drinking in a clown nose.

Some more great questions from our detective audience kept the cast on their toes and at one point put Sam the Knife-thrower’s Assistant on his back as he demonstrated how he’d found “the body”, much to everyone’s amusement.

Everyone got into the spirit of the occasion and we found two audience members dressed up as a Circus Health and Safety Inspector and a Big Top! We like our audiences to feel comfortable and dressing up is always optional but we get a great kick out of seeing the efforts some people go to. Brilliant!

Cirque cast

A great last night for Sue as Hobo the Clown.

A great last night for Sue as Hobo the Clown.

The Great Fortuna predicts a fabulous evening's entertainment.

The Great Fortuna predicts a fabulous evening’s entertainment.

There be pirates docking in a town near you!

Phoebus Fire are getting very excited because Karen has her murder mystery writing hat on again and furious key-tapping noises are coming from under her door, along with the occasional muttering of “Arrrrggh, pass the rum”, and “Shiver me timbers that’s a corkin’ redherring, if ever I saw one!”

So all you landlubbers or even sea-faring hearties, if ye be lookin’ for a way of raising funds for your non-profit making group or favourite charity this September, get in touch and we’ll lay anchor and provide a keel-cracking evening of entertainment for you!

Phoebus Fire

murder mysteries for organisations

The Circus was in Town

Sunday 5th June 2016

Rehearsals are over and last night was the first showing of ‘Cirque de la Mort’.  Our audience in Hoath Village Hall was small but perfectly formed and they got truly into the spirit of detective work, asking plenty of interesting and sometimes tricky questions.  Our “circus performers” showed their colourful characters (and costumes), murder was committed and solved, and the circus goes on to perform another day!  Apparently one of the teams (who correctly identified the culprit) contained some real-life detectives!  All the feedback was enthusiastic, and we are now looking forward to taking our circus to Worthgate Scouts for a repeat performance on 11th June.  I can’t wait to entertain another audience.