The Circus was in Town

Sunday 5th June 2016

Rehearsals are over and last night was the first showing of ‘Cirque de la Mort’.  Our audience in Hoath Village Hall was small but perfectly formed and they got truly into the spirit of detective work, asking plenty of interesting and sometimes tricky questions.  Our “circus performers” showed their colourful characters (and costumes), murder was committed and solved, and the circus goes on to perform another day!  Apparently one of the teams (who correctly identified the culprit) contained some real-life detectives!  All the feedback was enthusiastic, and we are now looking forward to taking our circus to Worthgate Scouts for a repeat performance on 11th June.  I can’t wait to entertain another audience.

2 thoughts on “The Circus was in Town

  1. Sharon Bentley

    What a fantastic evening. We didn’t know what to expect. Was so good and was exciting go be part of that audience but also part of the company. So different to anything we have seen before. Looking forward to your next production.

    1. Kaz Post author

      Thank you Sharon. We love performing to such an appreciative audience. Watch this space for our forthcoming shows.


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