Monthly Archives: October 2019


Hello everyone.

Things have been quiet lately on our end, and today we are announcing officially that we are closing the company. The wheels are set in motion and we will soon no longer be operating as a Cic. Due to personal reasons, we can no longer continue to balance our work on Phoebus Fire with our day jobs, families and other commitments.

We were hoping to do one last run with scripts from local writers, but this is officially cancelled. Apologies to anyone who has not been contacted directly regarding any queries about their submissions. Our emails and messages will no longer be monitored.

We continue to love, participate in and support theatre in our community. We still believe that access to theatre enriches our lives and is just plain loads of fun – but we will be doing this in a personal capacity now, separately from the company.

We’ve had a fantastic time working with some wonderful actors and really excellent local organisations.

Our proudest moment was being able to donate £3019.55 from proceeds of our run of Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ to Catching Lives, a cause we continue to support in our own lives.

Thank you to everyone who attended our events, you made the experience totally worthwhile. We have had some of the liveliest, most engaged and most supportive audiences that South East Kent has to offer, and we will miss you very much.

Thanks also to our directors both past and present for all the work they put in since the company opened in 2016.

See you at the theatre!

Phoebus Fire Cic