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Call for Scripts

Call for Scripts

We are currently inviting submissions for a performance project to take place in November 2019. We would like to feature new writing and are interested in finding a play (or two shorter plays) on the theme of women’s empowerment.

The show will be performed in up to ten theatres around East Kent, and all profits from the tour will be donated to a local charity which supports women. This is an opportunity for a writer to help contribute to a worthy cause, and to develop a piece of writing that they can later use elsewhere. This is not a paid opportunity.   All cast and crew will be donating their time to the project.

The brief is as follows:

  • The script must be in English
  • Playing time must be at least thirty minutes and not more than ninety minutes.
  • Maximum of four actors
    • No upper age limit
    • Lower age limit – playing age none, actual age 18
  • No multimedia
  • Simple set (no fixed constructions)

We are actively seeking something that is experimental and / or experiential. We are happy to work closely with the selected writer(s) to develop the piece further if needed.

Closing date for submissions: midnight on 30th September 2018.


How to submit:

  • Please send an email to:
  • In the subject line of the email, put ‘RSProject’
  • In the body of the email, please give us your name, contact details, the title of the play, and the approximate running time.
  • Attach the script (preferably as a .pdf).
  • Formatting the script:
    • Front page should contain the title of play, approx. running time, and character list.
    • We don’t mind which formatting convention you follow for the body of the play – as long as it is clear whether we are looking at a character name, a stage direction, or dialogue, and your formatting remains consistent throughout the script.
  • Do not include your name or other identifying information anywhere on the script.


About Phoebus Fire

Phoebus Fire, based in East Kent, was incorporated as a Community Interest Company in 2016.  Our aim is to use performance to raise money and / or awareness on behalf of local charities and community organisations.  We do this in two ways: firstly, through partnership with local organisations to put on murder mystery evenings; secondly, through major projects that we undertake on behalf of a chosen charity.

In the last two years we have performed five different mysteries, for thirteen different organisations, some of whom have had repeat bookings with us. We have one more show scheduled for this year (2018) which has attracted eight bookings from new and returning organisations as we are becoming better known throughout the area.

Last year (2017) we took Shakespeare’s The Tempest on tour around East Kent to raise money for Catching Lives, the local homelessness charity.  Several of the shows were sold out, and not only did we raise more than £3,000.00 but also raised awareness, took donations of food, toiletries etc, and recruited a couple of new volunteers.

Building on this success, we anticipate a bigger and better tour for this next project – more venues, bigger audiences, and more money for the chosen charity.

A Valentine’s Day Murder


What a night! We partied like it was 1926 and a swell time was had by all!

We revisited this popular murder mystery with an all new cast and a brand new venue. Garage Coffee @ Fruitworks Canterbury (at the end of White Horse Lane near the Foundry), made a splendid “Jacky D’s” speakeasy in prohibition Chicago times. A ‘secret cellar’ ambience and a great bar providing our audience with a topical array of soft drinks and, rumour has it, some rather tasty not-so-soft ones too set the evening off nicely! Our audience were warned that if we were raided by the ‘cops’ to ‘hide the giggle juice’!

Our story told the cautionary tale of competitive life in 1926 gangland Chicago with gang leader and businessman Abe Bernstein, played by John Blatchford, trying to keep a grip on his fated Purple Gang at the time of a potential take-over.


The gang’s clueless errand boy, Eddie the Gophor, played by Jonny Brace, got loads of laughs in his bumbling efforts to be taken seriously by the gang and by the girl of his dreams, Gilda the barmaid, played by Maria Krupa.

28700704_10209126411912015_8041693516240768532_o 28827747_10209126410631983_8732206346869723256_o

A number of teams didn’t think Gilda was as innocent as she appeared, and others thought the blues singer, feisty Betsy Milberg, played by Hannah Farley Hills, was the woman behind the mystery.

28516519_10209110049582967_3646833486983196274_oHannah gave the evening that authentic feel with her sensuous renditions of the two Blues classics, “A good man is hard to find”, and “Nobody knows you when you’re down and out”.


And last but not least, always on the edge of the gang was the suspicious character of James, the city town planner, played by Ryan Brown. Always with the wise-cracks, but did he know more than he was letting on about the potential take over bid? At least one team thought so!

Our talented cast played and sung to an absolutely packed out and enthusiastic audience. It was so lovely to see many of our loyal regulars again as well as lots of new faces. Welcome to the Phoebus Fire fanbase! Sadly we were actually turning people away in the end, but those who bought their tickets early enough had a rip-roaring time and were a treat of an audience to perform to. Thanks to everyone who dressed up for the occasion. We particularly liked some of the gangster mustaches and the great Chicago accents- well done for getting into the spirit of the evening! We had three teams who guessed that it was, (on this occasion), Eddie the Gophor who committed the murder but only one team who got the motive correct, so well done!


We always try to give you a game to play during the evening and most of you had at least one go at guessing in which confiscated object the cops found the secret key to the secret tunnel on their last raid of the premises. Popular guesses were “inside Izzi Bernstein’s teddy bear”, “stuffed in the toe of Harry’s old boot” or even “in the plant pot of Eddie’s venus flytrap: ‘Bernard'”, but the prize went to Janet who guessed it was in the rather tasteful bright yellow tea pot!  You’ll be relieved to know that the key was a red herring and the secret tunnel only went to a disused and waterlogged cellar! Abe just loves getting the better of the Chicago cops!

Thank you to Garage Coffee for their successful efforts at fitting us all in and for the great bar, to Karen Ince, our Phoebus Fire host, to my magnificent cast and unrelentingly cheerful Assistant Director, Laura. Another great night out with Phoebus Fire! Watch this space for events later in the year.

Kit (Director)

Abe Bernstein and our characters from the Purple Gang.

A Valentine’s Day Murder – the cast

(Photography by Laura Johnson)



Good and no so good news

Hello everyone,

the sad news is that Westgate and Birchington Rotary Club had to cancel their event at the luxurious St Augustine’s due to a shortfall in numbers. 60 just wasn’t enough to raise any additional funds for their chosen charity of the evening so they made the reasonable decision to pull out. Very sad that they weren’t fully supported but well done them for trying to splash out and do something new and fabulous – because it would have been AMAZING in that beautiful setting and with a splendid meal too. Never mind, thank you for trying.

Betsy Milberg sings the blues

Betsy Milberg sings the blues

The great news is that Phoebus Fire are hosting their own show at Garage Coffee @ Fruitworks in Canterbury on Friday 9th March and all tickets are sold! We will be bursting at the seams and it is going to be one hell of a good night’s entertainment!

James the City Hall official

James the City Hall official

Eddie the gofor.

Eddie the gofor.

Last chance to see Killin’ in Cactus County


“Killin’ in Cactus County” has been huge fun for the audiences and for us! We’ve had so many laughs with our fantastic cast and the audiences have loved every minute of this Wild West adventure. You can see some of their feedback in the little video we made, which is on our facebook page, or here. We’re excited to say we have one more show to offer you at St Peter’s Hall, Greenhill on 22 April in aid of the Little Acorns Pre-school. You can book tickets with Lisa, our host, by ringing 07482 599953 to book a place, a place for you and your friends or a whole table! She’ll be delighted to hear from you and Mrs Belle Morris would be right pleased to offer ya a mighty fine and heart warmin’ welcome to her saloon: the Drift Inn of Deadbeat. Belle would also like to draw ya attention to the rules of the Saloon so’s ya’ all can digest ’em proper-like before attendin’. She thanks ‘ee kindly and wishes ya’ all a good day now.



Two Down and Two To Go!

Half-way through our run of ‘Killin’ in Cactus County’ and what wonderful audiences we have had.

Our first show was at Worthgate Scout Hut, in Wincheap, Canterbury, as a fundraiser for the Scouts. We’ve performed here before, and it is a lovely small venue. Everyone seemed to have a good time, even though no-one guessed the killer!  She’s just too good at what she does! Some of the younger audience members got into the spirit of the event, and came dressed as cows! Well done to them.

Our second show was at the Chislet Colliery Welfare Club in Hersden – a new venue for us, but hopefully not the last time we’ll perform there.   Fund-raising this time was for the Sturry, Fordwich and District / Aire-Sur-Lys Twinning Association, and it was très jolie!  Another fun evening, with a different murderer (we never like to make things too easy!) and three teams correctly guessed whodunnit.

Two events left to go – two different endings to be worked out by two more audiences.  We are looking forward to seeing the good folk in Deal on Saturday 8th April, and then we’ll be in St Peter’s Greenhill on 22nd April.  Deal is sold out, but there are still tickets available for the 22nd.  Contact Lisa on 07482 599953

Killin’ in Cactus County – a murder mystery

On the edge of the Sonora Desert, in the little-known town of Deadbeat, the sheriff can usually be found propping up the bar in the Drift Inn.  But when two strangers come to town looking for him, he’s nowhere to be found!

Come along as a lonesome cowboy/girl or a popular posse, everyone is welcome in Cactus County. Rehearsals are well under way for the first of this year’s murder mysteries and we’re all having huge fun with Karen’s new set of characters and dastardly plot.  As audience members you are the detectives and it’s up to you to find out whodunnit and why.  Contact the individual hosts for tickets at a venue near you.


Two Tudor Gossips

Kit and Karen were guests of the Shepherdswell Wednesday Club this afternoon for an hour of what they love best: a good ole natter! This was a natter with a difference however, because they were taking the first of Phoebus Fire’s new series of history presentations out for a spin and came in the guise of two 16th Century gossips.

Two Tudor gossips

Two Tudor gossips

The two goodwives, Agnes Marten,  and her aunt  Kate Meadowes  discussed everything from the state of the roads and traffic jams on the way to the market, their dread of a summer of eating peas bread after yet another bad rye harvest, their pride and concerns over the differing fortunes of Agnes’ sons in their first year of apprenticeship, and the growing tensions in the bake house between Kate’s husband and son as the elder man’s sight and strength failed him faster than his pride. What was the best pregnancy test and why on earth did their men decide they needed to go all the way to the Newfoundland banks to fish for cod? The light-hearted presentation saw the 16th century world explained through the eyes of two ordinary women.

Putting the 16th century world to rights

Oooh I never knew that!

After the performance Kit opened the session up to questions from the floor to either their historic characters or their modern selves and a good many people came up wanting to know more.  The appreciative audience said it was a wonderful way to learn about history and how things, in everyday life, had really not changed that much. One lady caught the performers in the car park as they were leaving and thanked them, saying that she had expected to go to sleep as she’d already been to one meeting that day but they had  kept her wide awake throughout the whole performance. You can’t get a better recommendation than that!

Thank you Shepherdswell Wednesday Club for inviting us, it was a pleasure gossiping in your good company.

For those interested in hiring the Two Tudor Gossips they are at home in both town and country settings, whichever is best suited to your venue. Please get in touch here or via our Facebook page. Watch this space for news of gossiping through the ages.

Kit – Director

A big Phoebus Fire welcome to Jazz

Phoebus Fire is delighted to welcome Jasmine Briscoe to the team.

With so much planned for the company in the next twelve months we realised an additional creative director would be really useful. With Jazz’s background in project management and experience in training, along with the acting talent and enthusiasm she has brought to the company this year, she was our ideal choice.

And the crazy woman said ‘Yes!,

Welcome aboard Jazz!

Improvisation and Devising Workshop

Our first Acting Skills workshop took place on 3rd December, and it was so much fun!  The participants ranged in age from teens to sixties, and in experience from semi-professional to complete novice.  They all agreed it was a huge success, and great value.

We started the day with some physical warm ups, which quickly morphed (almost without us noticing) into the first of our improvisation exercises.


Throughout the day, we were kept on our toes by Ruth Williams, our fantastic workshop facilitator.  Having established some ground rules, including ‘there is no way to be wrong’ she then challenged us (very gently) with activities covering topics such as self-awareness; space awareness; focus and concentration; improvisation with objects; soundscapes; devising scenes from tableaux; devising scenes for story-telling.



Although we had a few random objects to experiment with, and a few hats and costume pieces, we mainly just used our selves – body, voice, and relationships with other participants and the space.



We had a great day filled with learning and laughter, and are hoping that Ruth will come back to Canterbury and work with us again in 2017.

lrrh2 lrrh1









In the meantime, our next workshop is planned for 14th January, and will be an introduction to Meisner.  Please watch our page for details.

Here are some of the comments from our participants:

“I had a fantastic time, I’ve learnt so many new tricks and skills and had so much fun, thank you very much.”

“Such a positive experience – a great introduction to the world of acting.  A well-structured and most of all “fun” day.  Thank you.

“Tremendous fun!  Lots of new insights into improvising and devising theatre.  I can definitely apply what I’ve learnt today to my current projects.”

We look forward to seeing you next time.