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Two Tudor Gossips

Kit and Karen were guests of the Shepherdswell Wednesday Club this afternoon for an hour of what they love best: a good ole natter! This was a natter with a difference however, because they were taking the first of Phoebus Fire’s new series of history presentations out for a spin and came in the guise of two 16th Century gossips.

Two Tudor gossips

Two Tudor gossips

The two goodwives, Agnes Marten,  and her aunt  Kate Meadowes  discussed everything from the state of the roads and traffic jams on the way to the market, their dread of a summer of eating peas bread after yet another bad rye harvest, their pride and concerns over the differing fortunes of Agnes’ sons in their first year of apprenticeship, and the growing tensions in the bake house between Kate’s husband and son as the elder man’s sight and strength failed him faster than his pride. What was the best pregnancy test and why on earth did their men decide they needed to go all the way to the Newfoundland banks to fish for cod? The light-hearted presentation saw the 16th century world explained through the eyes of two ordinary women.

Putting the 16th century world to rights

Oooh I never knew that!

After the performance Kit opened the session up to questions from the floor to either their historic characters or their modern selves and a good many people came up wanting to know more.  The appreciative audience said it was a wonderful way to learn about history and how things, in everyday life, had really not changed that much. One lady caught the performers in the car park as they were leaving and thanked them, saying that she had expected to go to sleep as she’d already been to one meeting that day but they had  kept her wide awake throughout the whole performance. You can’t get a better recommendation than that!

Thank you Shepherdswell Wednesday Club for inviting us, it was a pleasure gossiping in your good company.

For those interested in hiring the Two Tudor Gossips they are at home in both town and country settings, whichever is best suited to your venue. Please get in touch here or via our Facebook page. Watch this space for news of gossiping through the ages.

Kit – Director

Happy Birthday to Us!

One year ago today, Phoebus Fire officially came into existence as a CIC (Community Interest Company).  What a momentous day that was!  And what an eventful year we have had since then.  We have run two actors workshops, staged three murder mysteries, and helped six different organisations with their fundraising / awareness raising.

We have learnt a lot, laughed more, met some fabulous actors, entertained some wonderful audiences.

For our second year we already have some massive plans in place.  We are starting off in great style with a murder mystery set in the Old West – Killin’ in Cactus County – which we have four performance dates for.  We will have two more murders later in the year – plus our main project for this year which is to take The Tempest on tour around East Kent in aid of Catching Lives.

What will our numbers look like this time next year?  We are excited to find out.