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Phoebus Fire’s First Season of Murder

Our first season has been a real success during which we helped to raise funds / awareness for the Canterbury Christchurch College Christian Union, the Worthgate Scouts, the 2nd Reculver Brownies, the MS Therapy Centre Canterbury, the Hoath & District W.I.  and the MS Society Medway.   We performed three murder mysteries – A Valentine’s Murder; Cirque de la Mort; and Sea, Salt & Slaughter.

Many thanks to all our host organisations – we look forward to working with you again in 2017.

A Valentine’s Murder


Set in 1926 in a Chicago  speakeasy run by gangster Abe Bernstein and his Purple Gang, this was a night of mob warfare, dodgy dealings and affaires of the heart that ended in tears and  – not too surprisingly –  murder! The audience, as the patrons of the speakeasy, enjoyed extra entertainment in the form of two period blues numbers sung by Kit Stevens as the character Betsie Milberg.


Cirque de la Mort

Bow question-time

Our summer production was an up-to-date story of familial rivalry and workplace jealousy beneath the Big Top as we scratched the mysterious surface of circus life in Cirque de la Mort. The audience, seated around the circus ring, were entertained by an acrobatic floor show from the Bellini Bros, clowning antics from Hobo & Bozo, and the questionable palm-reading talents of the Great Fortuna. Led by the inept ringmaster FlimFlam, newbie Sam found he’d taken on more than he’d bargained for when he’d run away and joined possibly the worst circus on the circuit this summer. Rinky Dink Brothers wowed the crowds for us during June.

clownspose  Fortuna WSH

Sea Salt and Slaughter

mogs-tale Trio of trouble

With 18 September being International Speak like a Pirate Day we could not resist visiting Capt. Salt’s swashbucklin’, rum-swiggin’, tax-evadin’ pirate crew of the Plymouth Glory in the early autumn. Sea Salt and Slaughter was a rip-roaring and mind-teasing yarn spun in the Drunken Mermaid Tavern in 1720. It was enormous fun to put on and a sure-fire winner with the audiences who joined in on the sea shanty singing with gusto and came up with some intriguing alliances among the suspects. In addition to the raffle, the audience pored over the treasure map we’d drawn up and laid down their gold to have a stake in where they thought the treasure had been hidden. Arrrrggh, it were a fine show!

Avast!  crimson-questions


The Future


Our audiences absolutely loved their time with us, and we have been delighted with the enthusiastic feedback.   Audience members asking eagerly for details of the next show,  and those who enquire whether we can do the same for their community group or charity, have been a great source of encouragement and inspiration.  Thank you.